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Confessions of a Storyteller

It is only natural that someone who was nicknamed by teachers "social butterfly" would become a communications professional and blog about it.

Communications is one of the hardest challenges we face. Let's communicate.

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Branding Your Name

Why Naming Your Social Handles are Important for search ability and overall brand awareness. If people can’t find you how can they hire you?

Staying Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

Staying Home. Saving Lives I've been social distancing and staying at home for what seems like forever. I'm surprised at how easy it's...

The Day America Woke Up

Coronavirus... One Week Later The day the NBA canceled the Utah Jazz game on March 11, a domino effect happened in sports which suspended...

The Ending Chapter

But Only the Beginning. In December, 2019, I officially retired from my Communications Director position at Meridian Township. It has...

The Force is in My Cookie Jar

So I’ve been debating a lot lately about what will be my first 2014 blog. A writer, well that’s what I call myself, wants it to be...

Getting Published

Thanks to the Lansing State Journal for publishing my Made in Michigan essay. At the time I was asked, I didn’t even know how much I...

Unpredictably Made In Michigan

I was super excited to be asked by the Lansing State Journal to write an essay on why Guess where my favorite Biggby is located! I love...

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