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Social Media Misfits

While I fit social media within normal everyday tasks and routines like watching television, eating, shopping, and even walking my dog; sometimes checking my social sites doesn’t always fit into a routine. Recently I experienced total melt down with my latest social media tragedy, the burnt tuna melt. Did you know that 5 minutes is too long for an open face tuna on rye under the broiler? Yep, it’s true. Thinking I could set the oven timer and forget it while I checked Facebook, I quickly learned I could not. Upon the timer going off, instead of opening my oven doors to a beautiful melt, my tuna was an inedible blackfish horror.

Not exactly how a tuna melt is supposed to look...

Not exactly how a tuna melt is supposed to look…

While I attempted to read a few Facebook mentions and create some crafty tweets, my tuna was floundering under the heat. Was it better or worse that I was so engrossed in social media that I didn’t even smell the burn? Hmmm…

Since I’ve become a self proclaimed social media addict, I’ve learned some valuable lessons about social media timing misfits. Since I’m a multi-tasker I’ve also picked up not so good habits on saving time so what you are doing won’t turn into burnt tuna. So I’ve decided to share 3 of my favorite past times where I can accomplish my double duty social misfit habit of always being on social media without having a meltdown.

  1. Check Facebook status updates while on the toilet: Lets face it, its a time waster anyway and its the perfect time to keep up with all the crap people post. The two go hand in hand. And when your spouse asks you what you are doing you can yell, “Going to the bathroom!” without judgement for being online again.

  2. Research and Pin while bathing: There is no better time to float through a ton of sites researching stuff and finding new pins than while you are soaking in the tub. I created an entire Londons Calling board with travel options. Scared to research in the tub? Don’t be and don’t get your device wet. Just float on!

Not a good idea to pic while driving

Not a good idea to pic while driving

Take pics of what’s happening when it happens. If you are driving around, stop your car, park it, and get out before you take a picture. This avoids wishing you had done it and avoids going back to do it later. Ever wonder if the police pick out those people on Facebook who share photos from behind the wheel? I do! They should be on a “Behind the Wheel Photo Shooter” watch list. I stopped one time dead in the middle of the street to take deer pictures. Almost caused my rear end to get slammed into. Lesson learned.

  1. Go through all your news feeds when you wake up. Let’s face it, you are laying in bed wishing you were still sleeping and could call in sick anyway so just scroll through them all and get over it. You never know what you may find out including traffic alerts and what to wear according to the weather. A bonus find would be a local lunch special.

Filtered & I love it

Filtered & I love it

But above all else, take the time to approve all pics! We are all social media misfits so why not look your best while you are at it? We have the ability to control it, so by all means do it! Need I say more about Instagram filters? LOVE!

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